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Starcraft 2 Windows Gadget

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The gadget has now been fixed to work with patch 1.5, courtesy of Maz. Get it here. Big thanks to him. Now fixed for Masters/Grand masters.


This Windows 7 gadget will show the basic ranking information about a player, like the league badge, division, division rank and number of wins. The total number of games is also displayed for Masters and Grandmasters. Profile pages in all languages are supported and should display nicely:

Large mode Large mode Large mode

If you're space constrained the "Smaller size" mode is also available. You can switch between the two sizes by clicking on the arrow icon that appears when you hover with your mouse on the sidebar.

Smaller mode

Download and Install

Download the file from the link below and simply double-click it to install it and put it in your sidebar.

Once launched you'll probably want to put it in "Larger size" mode by clicking on the arrow icon, and then enter your profile URL by clicking on the wrench icon: