Resman says hi.

Converting a mini TV to a composite monitor Some time ago I acquired a combined TV/radio/lamp/everything unit. Unfortunately analog broadcast television has been terminated in France at the end of 2011, rendering this unit practically useless. I thought I'd try to make some use of it by converting it into a small composite monitor and possibly play some games on it.

Kvarts DRSB-01 Geiger counter USB mod Modification of a Kvarts DRSB-01 (Кварц ДРСБ-01) Geiger counter to add an USB port and plot various graphs.

NES Gamepad to USB conversion This article describes how to convert a NES gamepad to use USB. With care damage to the pad can be kept minimal, and the whole circuit can fit inside the case.

Optical mouse camera Optical mice use a small CMOS image sensor to analyze the surface beneath them. This hack shows how to retrieve the image from the sensor and combine it with movement information from the mouse to make a basic camera and scanner.