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Carte et horaires d'ouverture des parcs et jardins parisiens

Android version distribution history Some automatically generated Android version distribution graphs.

0ldskool Plasma  Effect In this article I describe how to replicate the famous plasma effect often used to create an organic, fluid motion in computer demos.

Ball Paper Android Game I've just published a new free game on the Android Play Store. It's a simple puzzle/action game similar to the old Windows Game JezzBall. The goal is to cover a certain area of the screen with "wallpaper" while balls bounce around preventing you to do so. Look inside for screenshots.

Converting a mini TV to a composite monitor Some time ago I acquired a combined TV/radio/lamp/everything unit. Unfortunately analog broadcast television has been terminated in France at the end of 2011, rendering this unit practically useless. I thought I'd try to make some use of it by converting it into a small composite monitor and possibly play some games on it.

USB NES Pad adapter A while ago I published an article about my Nes controller USB conversion. However I was not quite satisfied with it as it required to cut the plug of the gamepad and make it unuseable with an NES again. This new revision is a pluggable adapter and does not require to touch the precious original controller :-)

I've neglected to upate the news on recently, but over the last few months I've been quite busy working on another site that will be the sister site to I'll be offering kits of all my hacks and electronics stuff, and some basic parts and components. I'll make sure to put all the cool stuff I can find as well.

My life has changed a bit as well and I've now moved to a new, much smaller apartment where it is very difficult to store and use the various smelly, corrosive chemicals that I need to etch my own PCBs, so I'll probably have all my boards made by a fab house as early as prototyping stage which means that the turnaround to the shop should be really fast.

So here it is : Go check it out !

I've also updated the software that runs this site to allow me to post more frequently to keep you updated with the state of current projects as they go. That means that I'll probably stop posting both in French and English, as that is considerably more work, and post only in English as of now. I feel that most of my French readers can understand English well enough.

I still can't reply to comments however, so while I iron that other update out please bear with me, and if you expect a response from me use the "contact" link above.

Cheers !

Starcraft 2 Windows Gadget A Windows 7 / Windows vista / Windows 8 gadget to display the current ranking information about a player, like the league badge, division, division rank and number of wins. The total number of games is also displayed for grandmasters.

SC2Gears Plugins en flag
SC2Gears Plugins Some plugins I wrote for the very awesome Starcraft 2 replay management tool, SC2Gears :

Kvarts DRSB-01 Geiger counter USB mod Modification of a Kvarts DRSB-01 (Кварц ДРСБ-01) Geiger counter to add an USB port and plot various graphs.

Movie Maps en flag
Movie Maps A visualization experiment where I try to see if it is possible to capture meaningful information and create a "map" of a movie in a single image.

NES Gamepad to USB conversion This article describes how to convert a NES gamepad to use USB. With care damage to the pad can be kept minimal, and the whole circuit can fit inside the case.

Timelapse with CHDK and Avisynth Timelapse are always fun to watch and with minimal equipment (a low-end Canon camera) can also be easy to make.

Chez Bubu fr flag
Ogre J'ai retrouvé aux tréfonds d'un répertoire d'archives mon premier site Internet, datant de 1999. N'étant pas de ceux qui renient leurs origines, je le remet en ligne ici. Pour un site de cette époque, il n'est pas trop mal, il n'y a même pas de banière "en construction" ;-) L'article sur les fractales est plutôt bien écrit, j'en reprendrai probablement la suite.

Video Tiler en flag
Video Tiler A program intended to easily generate tiled screenshots from a video.

Optical mouse camera Optical mice use a small CMOS image sensor to analyze the surface beneath them. This hack shows how to retrieve the image from the sensor and combine it with movement information from the mouse to make a basic camera and scanner.

Préampli pour PC fr flag
Préampli pour PC Préampli pour PC à télécommande infra-rouge. Ce petit préampli fonctionne en atténuateur de 0 à 64 dB. Je l'ai créé pour pouvoir changer le volume du son de mon PC à distance, mais il peut aussi bien convenir pour n'importe quelle source audio, pourvu qu'elle dispose d'une entrée/sortie jack 3mm.

Comment se connecter par SSH à travers un proxy HTTPS.

Guide de soudure fr flag
Guide de soudure Guide de soudure pour débutants.

Quelques scripts Greasemonkey (maintenant obsolètes).

Sous-titres DVD fr flag
Procédure d'extraction de sous-titres d'un DVD sous Linux.

Scriptlets fr flag
Petits bouts de code à usages divers.

TinyCast fr flag
Serveur de streaming écrit en perl en quelques centaines de lignes de code.

FTPSearch fr flag
J'avais développé pour un LAN un moteur de recherche FTP. Il est maintenant à l'abandon mais quelqu'un pourra peut-être trouver le code utile.

Trivial Gallery fr flag
Une petite gallerie php extrêmement simple qui compense un manque presque total d'options de configuration par une facilité de mise en place a toute épreuve :o). Plus de détails ici.

Le RAID fr flag
Étude sur le RAID réalisée il y a de nombreuses années pour un travail scolaire. Comporte une introduction sur le RAID, une présentation théorique, et une partie pratique montrant comment mettre en place un disque root en RAID mirroring sous Linux.

Mini moteur fr flag
Mini moteur J'ai rajouté un article indiquant comment construire un minimoteur a la fois très simple et très amusant. L'astuce particulière derrière sa construction en fait un objet intéressant.

Station météo fr flag
Article sur la construction d'une station météo sans fil simple.

Guide de gravure des circuits imprimés Guide de gravure des circuits imprimés